Troubleshoot OECGI Login Failed Error

When accessing a web site generated with OECGI the following error message usually indicates that OECGI was unable to log into OpenInsight using the specified (or default) web server registry settings:

1Login failed-1003

To fix this error check the OECGI registry branch on the web server. The chart below will help you locate the path to the correct branch depending on the version of OECGI and windows release.

Environment       Registry Path
64-bit Windows and OECGI3   HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\RevSoft\OECGI3
64-bit Windows and OECGI4   HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\RevSoft\OECGI4
32-bit Windows and OECGI3   HKLM\SOFTWARE\RevSoft\OECGI3
32-bit Windows and OECGI4   HKLM\SOFTWARE\RevSoft\OECGI4

Note: HKLM is short for HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE

In the registry branch verify the following key values are correct:

  • ApplicationName
  • UserName
  • UserPassword

These key values will correspond to the application, user name, and password normally used to launch oinsight.exe. Enter the correct values and re-try loading the web page. OECGI reads the registry branch on every page request so changes take effect immediately. There is no need to restart the OEngineServer service when changing the registry.

You can double check the registry values by trying to log into oinsight.exe using the same values as specified in the registry. If you can't login manually OECGI won't be able to login either.

If the registry branch does not exist you can find the default registry files in your root OpenInsight directory. Look for the files oecgi*.reg and merge the appropriate file into the registry on the web server.

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