Is The Watchdog Alive?

Using an OpenInsight watchdog stored procedure to confirm scheduled processes are running as expected requires RTP27 be used to reload the watchdog function before each use otherwise errors might go unreported as explained in this blog article.

Universal Driver 4.7 Error FS1104 On Launch

When launching OpenInsight using the Universal Driver 4 error FS1104 Group 2101 can occur if OpenInsight was previously configured to use the Universal Driver 5 but then switched back to Universal Driver 4. This article discusses how to switch between the two.

Binding Custom JavaScript to O4W Controls

O4W is a useful web framework for OpenInsight programmers by abstracting web technologies and them into OpenInsight in a way that is familiar to OpenInsight developers. This is great if you are inside of OpenInsight looking out to unfamiliar things like JavaScript and HTML5 but when you're familiar with web technologies and on the outside looking into OpenInsight the O4W framework can seem limiting due to the abstraction.

Person Info Freebase Test Data Table for OpenInsight

Included in this blog article is another tool to help when benchmarking OpenInsight systems. The PERSON_INFO_FREEBASE_TEST table available for download below is an extended version of the PERSON_INFO_TEST table that include a multi-value field containing references to records in the CS_FREEBASE_TOPICS table.  The test table is 1 million rows of fake person information. Records are sequentially keyed from 1 to 1,000,000.


Configure Apache 2.4 and OECGI

There are various references in the OpenInsight documents directory on the web for configuring Apache on Windows to run OECGI3.exe and O4W but some methods reffer to out-dated configuration directives or CGI only configurations. The blog DSig's Adventures in Revelation's O4W had an excellent summary of configuring O4W and Apache 2.2 but some of those configuration directives are out-dated in Apache 2.4.

Changes Needed to Work With O4W Offline

Out of the box OpenInsight 9.4 O4W ships with a depedency on JQuery library hosted at Google. If you are unable to access the internet or are blocked from accessing Google trying to load a local O4W page will fail. The start.htm login prompt is a quick and easy indicator. If your login box is in-line as shown below the JQuery libraries didn't load:


Viewing the page source reveals a script dependency to


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