Reset the OpenInsight O4W User Account Password

This is a quick tip incase you ever find yourself needing to reset the O4W user password in the OpenInsight O4W Web Framework.The O4W reference guide (i.e. documents\212-986 O4W 9.3.1 Reference Guide.pdf ) describes the RTI_O4WSETPASSWORD function to reset the O4W account password. From the OI system monitor:


Where mypass is your new password.

Dynamically Set the SyntaxHighlighter Container Size

This blog posting demonstrates a method to set the SyntaxHighlighter container size using JavaScript which can be useful for showing long blocks of code that you want the user to scroll through to see.

The container size can be set using CSS but it's not always practical to change for one-off adjustments. The example below adds an event loops that waits for SyntaxHighlighter to generate the formatted code. When the formatted code is generated its container height is set and the event loop is removed.

Mailgun and OpenInsight: Checking Bounced Messages

This blog post demonstrates an easy way to utilize Mailgun for checking bounced email messages sent through the Mailgun managed email service. With a few bits of information from your free Mailgun account you can begin checking if your messages were delivered. This blog post continues where Mailgun and OpenInsight: Getting Started ended so if you're not familiar with Mailgun or why it's incredibly useful I encourage you to review the post before continuing on.

Mailgun and OpenInsight: Getting Started

Email is easy but using email effectively is hard. It's easy for an OpenInsight developer to use the rti_cdomail function to send an email message without concern for what happens to the message after the function returns. The process becomes a lot more difficult when the developer must deal with:

  • Un-subscription link tracking and response

  • Verifying message delivery from within code

  • Handling bounced messages

  • Each client site having a different mail server configuration

  • Bad email reputation delaying message delivery

With enough time and resources each of these challenges can be addressed by the developer and staff resources but the goal of this article is to leverage existing email services for use in OpenInsight to address these problems and reduce the use of staff resources to manage email.


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