Commuter Module Snippet

OpenInsight contains a commuter module generator to create a shell program capable of handling window events. It doesn't work so well in OpenInsight 9.4 so below is a basic version generated from the commuter module generator that can be easily customized for your window.

Clearing OpenInsight SYSLISTS Table

The SYSLISTS table in OpenInsight can become cluttered with old records and much like a TEMP directory it can and should be cleared out. When it comes time to clear the table the clear_table command won't work because SYSLISTS is a protected system table. Instead the easiest thing is to simply select and delete all the records. 

Here is a sample routine to do the task.

OpenInsight Dedicated Indexer Health

OpenInsight supports updating indexes directly on the server by running the index update process through the Windows Task Scheduler. If you use that process it has probably silently failed at some point leaving you without indicators until customers call with problems. The article walks through setting up notifications for failed indexes.

Writing to the Event Log From OpenInsight

This article contains a sample BASIC+ routine for use in OI (OpenInsight) that a developer can use to log information to the Windows Event Log on the system running OpenInsight. Writing to the event log is useful for web applications that need to log server exceptions that a system administrator can review later but it's also useful for desktop applications that need to do the same thing without bothering the user.